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ServSolid’s consulting services for the automotive industry is focused on product development leveraging our embedded system and hardware engineering capabilities.

Automotive Sub domains:

  • Telematics Control Unit
  • Dashboard Instrument Cluster
  • Engine Management Systems
  • Body Electronics

Automotive Electronic Specific Skills:

  • CAN, LIN, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, RS 232, TCP/IP, J1850, GMLAN, USB, OSEK
  • CANGen, GenY, CANoe, CANalyzer
  • Audio/Video/Speech Codecs, JPEG, GIF and Machine vision Algorithms

Case Study: Telematics

Telematics is the combination of communication and information technology in automobiles. The telematics unit deployed in the automobile enable following telematics services:

  • Automatic emergency call, or automatic collision notification
  • Roadside assistance call
  • Voice delivered turn by turn navigation information
  • Voice delivered traffic information
  • Point of interest
  • Antitheft alarm notification
  • Stolen vehicle tracking
  • Remote door lock/unlock

The system provides voice communication between the vehicle occupants and the call operator to support services such as crash notification, emergency assistance and roadside assistance. The call center operators help determine the assistance that is required, and coordinate with local emergency, roadside assistance and law enforcement and the vehicle occupants. It includes a GSM-based wireless network communication infrastructure.


  • Analysis, design, coding, integration and testing
  • Design of CAN virtual board and integrating with Linux kernel on hypervisor platform
  • Design of PASS control units (Remote Diagnostics, Service Management, Engineering Interface)
  • Design verification test and system tuning
  • Design of IPC mechanism between virtual boards

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