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Product Engineering and Design Services:

ServSolid’s product engineering consulting services encompasses embedded software and hardware engineering services for the following sub-domains in Aerospace:

  • Flight Control Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Cockpit Display & Information Systems
  • Flight Management Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • Electrical and Hydraulic Systems
  • Flight Warning Systems
  • Cabin Environment Systems
  • Landing Gear System

Engineering Services:

  • Design and development
  • Independent verification and validation
  • Re-engineering and maintenance
  • Testing
Development Standards DO178B – level A/B, DO254, DEF STAN 55, DEF STAN56, ARINC 653
Communication Standards RS-232, RS-422, RS485, ARINC 429, ARINC 629, ARINC 664, CAN, LIN, TCP/IP, SNMP
Management Tools Telelogic DOORS, TeamCenter Systems Engineering(TcSE)
Assembly Language PowerPC, TI TMS320F2812, AMD29050, Intel 8085, Intel 8086
Modeling Languages UML, Matlab/Simulink
Debugging Tools Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer

Case Study: Aerospace

Flap Actuation System (FAS)
The Flap Actuation System (FAS) is a fly by wire electromechanical actuation system, which controls the Flap Panels of the Aircraft. This system mainly consists of a Flap System Control Unit (FSCU) which receives the commands from the Flap Selector Lever and changes the Flap position by releasing the electromechanical brakes and powering a Motor to extend or retract the flap linear Actuator. The FSCU consists of two Digital Signal Processors providing left and right flap panel control. These two DSPs communicate with each other over SPI bus to synchronize the Left and Right Flap position. The Motor motion/speed is determined by the Hall sensors feedback back data to the DSPs. The actual Flap position is sensed by the Flap Position Sensor Unit and reported back to the DSPs. The Motor continues the operation until the flap actuation system is at the commanded position. Both the left and right DSPs transmit flap position and status information over separate RS485 serial communication busses to the aircraft EICAS and Ground Support Equipment. The software was developed in C and assembly languages as per DO-178B Level B standards.


The objective of the project was conduct an independent software validation and verification for Flap Actuation System (FAS). The tasks involved included high-level requirement and design review, writing high-level test cases and test procedures based on requirements, perform black box test procedures, technical review of the test cases and test procedure, code review, hardware/software Integration testing and structural verification at unit level to satisfy the low-level requirements and standards of RTCA DO-178B Level-B. Requirement/Traceability Management using DOORS.

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